Visa Types

Visas provide either Immigrant or Non-Immigrant entry. Common bases for visas are Family, Investor, Employment, and certain other categories such as Visitor.

 Immigrant  Non-Immigrant
 Family  IR, CR, K-1, K-3
 Employment   H-1B, H-2A, H-2B
 Investor  E1 (EB-1) extraordinary ability
E2 (EB-2) advanced degree
E3 (EB-3) skilled worker
E4 (EB-4) special immigrant
E5 (EB-5) immigrant investor
 E-1 and E-2 treaty traders and investors
E-3 for Australian professionals in specialty occupations
 Others  B-1 for athlete, business visits, nanny
B-2 for business, personal, medical, and tourism
 J for exchange visitors, doctors, professors, scholars