Immigration Services

A respected immigration lawyer with an excellent reputation throughout the state of Texas, William Stevens assists his clients with a variety of immigration matters, including:

Asylum, Temporary Protected Status, and Deferred Action

As you strive to obtain safety in the United States, look to the Law Office of William Stevens for support. He can help you craft a consistent application to show you are eligible for asylum or other protections.

Family Unification (I-130)

Speed up the immigration process for an Immediate Relative with family unification, an approach often used to obtain permanent residency for those with family members abroad or legally residing in the United States. William Stevens can assemble the appropriate Petition for Immediate Relative, Application for Adjustment of Status, Affidavit of Support and other documentation needed to boost your request to obtain a visa for your spouse or family member.


Even when a family member cannot gain entry, or has entered the United States improperly, it still may be possible to obtain certain immigration benefits, including permanent residency. Contact the Law Office of William Stevens for a consultation to determine if you or your family member qualifies for one or more waivers to allow entry into the U.S.

Treaty Visas (E-1, E-2) and E-3 Australian

Treaty Trader (E-1) and Treaty Investor (E-2) visas are available to citizens of nations with which the United States currently maintains a treaty of commerce. In order to achieve eligibility, individuals must engage in a high volume of commerce or make substantial investments that ensure an enterprise’s successful operation.

Employment-Based Visa (H, L, R)

If you dream of working in the United States or hosting a foreign national as an employer, you can benefit from William Stevens’ in-depth legal counsel. He and his associates will help you procure necessary documentation and seek the visa that best fits your current situation as a prospective employee or employer.

Green Cards

Adjustment of Status (I-485) and Work Authorization (I-765)

The requirements for obtaining or renewing an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or a Green Card (I-551) are notoriously complicated, but you can significantly improve your chances by working with a knowledgeable immigration attorney. William Stevens can help you prepare a solid application, complete with essential supporting documentation and preparation.


If your goal is to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, you cannot afford to take chances. Williams Stevens and his staff will guide you through the potentially complicated naturalization process.

Responses to Denials

Denials are discouraging, but they need not spell the end of your journey as a hopeful United States resident or citizen. William Stevens can help you craft the appropriate response to your recent visa denial.

Notice to Appear

Removal proceedings begin with a notice to appear, which charges the recipient of illegally residing in the United States. If you have recently received a notice to appear, it is absolutely essential for you to get in touch with an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

Immigration Court

Williams Stevens has successfully resolved numerous immigration cases involving immigration court. He and his associates use smart, active, and aggressive courtroom approaches to obtain favorable case outcomes.

Immigration Appeals at the BIA and AAO

If you have recently lost an immigration case, all hope of remaining in the United States is not necessarily lost. Denials can be reviewed at the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO). Deportation proceedings can be temporarily halted when you file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). William Stevens offers the zealous and personalized approach needed to win high-stakes immigration appeals.

Petitions for Review

Upon losing a BIA or AAO case, the next step is a petition of review. A successful petition for review is virtually impossible without an experienced lawyer who possesses a thorough understanding of immigration law and appellate procedures.