Continuing Legal Education

The State of Texas requires every practicing attorney to complete 15 hours of Continuing Legal Education. Mr. Stevens believes in maintaining a higher standard of ongoing education. As a member of the Texas Bar College, he has committed to completing at least double the state-required minimum of 15 hours. Since 2010, he has completed more than 276 hours of Continuing Legal Education, an average of 47 hours each year! His CLE attendance includes courses on Family Law, Immigration, Employment Law, and Probate.


2016 CLEs (42 hours and counting)

2015 CLEs (21 hours)

2014 CLEs (23 hours)

2013 CLEs (47 hours)

2012 CLEs (27.5 hours)

2011 CLEs (28.75 hours)

2010 CLEs (88.25 hours)